The development of exterior maintenance guidelines for lighthouses in six geographic regions

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Schweikert, Carol A.
Davis, J. Marshall
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Thesis (M.S.H.P.)
Department of Architecture
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United States Lighthouses are being decommissioned by the United States Coast Guard because they are no longer needed as navigational aids. Government agencies and non-profit groups untrained in preservation are assuming control of these aids. These groups need assistance to adequately maintain the lighthouse and prevent major deterioration problems. About 300 managers of lighthouses were contacted for information on how they maintain their lighthouse, including information on shoreline erosion. About 120 replies were received containing maintenance and restoration information, drawings and photographs. The lighthouse system was divided into six geographic regions with similar climatic conditions for closer examination. The replies from the lighthouses regarding common deterioration problems in the construction materials and environmental conditions were used to develop general maintenance guidelines for each geographic region. Lighthouse managers can use these maintenance guidelines to assist them in preserving their lighthouse.Shoreline erosion was examined closely because of its destructive capability. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in North Carolina was used as a Case Study in combatting erosion.