Mechanics of selected parallel bar and horizontal bar stunts in gymnastics

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Ikeda, Katsunori
Gehlsen, Gale M.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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The purpose of this study was to describe and compare the mechanical similarity and difference of the peach basket and the backward free hip circle by use of numerical and graphical expressions through cinematographic analysis.Sixteen millimeter motion pictures were taken of performances by four male gymnasts. Parameters such as shoulder and hip angles, trajectories of the total body’s centers of gravity, radii of the total body’s rotation, and total body’s angular velocity and acceleration, moment of inertia and angular momentum were derived.The trajectories of the total body’s centers of gravity on the peach basket and the free hip circle were found similar. The free hip circle was associated with less shoulder flexion than the peach basket, and the more frequent change of the hip flexion and extension was found on the peach basket than on the free hip circle. The free hip circle to handstand possessed larger amount of angular momentum at the ascent phase because of the larger amount of moment of inertia with the longer rotational radius (and larger amount of time of the arm pull) than the peach basket.The free hip circle could possibly be a direct introductory stunt for a gymnast to acquire the kinesthetic senses involved in the peach basket, but it would not be utilized to acquire the advanced skills of the peach basket, because the peach basket requires more complicated and different muscle movements in its successful execution.