The year that changed teaching: the effects of the covid-19 pandemic on teaching mathematics in the high school classroom

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Stuckey, Kurtis
Bremigan, Elizabeth
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The COVID-19 pandemic was an unprecedented time in our country, with many “normal” functions shutting down or changing completely. This included the field of education, with many schools switching from the standard in-person setting to an all-virtual setting nearly overnight. The challenges that many students have faced throughout this process have been talked about on many media outlets, but many of the challenges that teachers faced have not received the same light. Many teachers during this time quit or found other job opportunities, but those who stayed had to adapt to this new way of teaching. By surveying those teachers who stayed to identify the challenges that they were presented with, we can better understand how many teachers adapted to this new virtual learning environment and overcame many of the obstacles that were present in these grim times.