Premilitary maladaptive behavior expressions of hospitalized and non-hospitalized Vietnam veterans

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Holburn, Charles S. (Charles Stevens), 1949-
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The Vietman veteran is unique in that he has fought the most unpopular, longest, and least understood war in our history during an era where unprecedented social, economic, political, and cultural changes have had a profound influence on his entire life style. As in other wars, thousands of veterans have been psychiatrically hospitalized following their involvement in that war. The focus of this study is to help establish the behavioral anticedants of this hospitalization and todevelop a clearer understanding of how the veteran came to be hospitalized. This knowledge hopefully will prove useful to those who screen individuals entering the military service as well as those who plan treatment programs. The degree of maladaptive behavior existing prior to the military experience will be assessed with a questionnaire. The questionnaire will be administered to a group of Vietnam veterans in a psychiatric hospital and a group of Vietnam veterans enrolled in a college.