Technology needs in the future : a rural county's assessment and analysis

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Maitlen, Bonnie R.
McElhinney, James H.
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Thesis (D. Ed.)
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The purpose of the study was to determine the personal, social, and vocational impacts of technology on Jay County, Indiana. The study resulted in the following findings:1. Jay County residents have mixed reactions toward technology. Residents stated an interest in technology.2. Jay County residents expect changes in their personal and professional lives because of technology. Residents stated benefits and difficulties resulting from increased technology.3. Technology is already present in Jay County. Technology can be found throughout Jay County in the schools, industries, small businesses, professional practices, retail establishments, financial institutions, local government, and utilities.4. A need has been expressed in the community to prepare individuals for changes in technology. There is an expectation among residents for the community to offer training opportunitites.RECOMMENDATIONSThe following recommendations are made:1. Jay County should continue to build on the collaborative projects that have been initiated in the community and should address technology through the existing strategic planning process.2. The Jay County Technology Advisory Committee should continue its involvement and take action on these recommendations. The committee should monitor technological expansion as well as the availability of technical training opportunities in the community.3. The advisory committee should identify the populations in Jay County who need technical training and should implement appropriate strategies for reaching these populations.4. The advisory committee should plan a computer curriculum by identifying existing opportunities and expanding on them to reach the populations who are not currently being served.5. A community computer learning center should be a cooperative project in the community and should become a clearinghouse for technical training where requests are made and educational opportunities identified.