Indianapolis Art League

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Fishero, Mark A.
Burke, John S. J.
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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The Indianapolis Art League is a privately funded organization to which, for a small fee, anyone can become a member. Scheduled classes are held during both the day and evening with some classes also conducted on Saturday mornings. The staff consists of an executive director and several coordinators. The faculty is entirely temporary and consists of practicing artists and faculty from other arts institutions. The students are expected to supply their own materials while the league provides the studio spaces and large equipment necessary for a variety of art disciplines. The league maintains a public gallery, free of charge, and galleries for student work and artwork available for purchase by the public. Also included in the public resources is an arts library possibly tied into the public library reference system.The league is currently located in an 11,600 square foot structure at 920 East 67th Street near the center of a community known as Broad Ripple. I chose to relocate them for two reasons. Firstly, the image of this organization is such that it should be perceived as a "public" entity. At its present location, it falls painfully short of that image. Secondly, by moving it to the new site, the league will be making not only a cultural contribution, but also a contribution to the urban health of the city by helping to revitalize an important but decaying area of the city.Without doubt, the most important issue in the design of this facility is that of an improved "public" image. Throughout the design process a myriad of other issues presented themselves, the more significant of which are discussed in this book.It is my sincere hope that those who read this thesis will find it as enjoyable and educational as I found the experience of creating it.