Development of a homemade cake mix for yellow butter cake and chocolate cake

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Smith, Helen Marie.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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Many women in the United States are occupied in various activities besides work in the home. Efficient management of meals has become important whether women are working, engaging in community work or attending school. Even if the modern homemaker does not work outside the home she has more things to do than her mother and only on weekends or for special occasions does she really have time to cook. The family may not always have its meals around the dining table because of meetings, television or getting home late. So the homemaker wants to make all her meals as tempting and attractive as possible. (4.)Convenience foods are appearing on the grocery shelves in ever increasing numbers and articles on short cuts in meal preparation are written in newspapers, magazines and books. Much of modern cookery is the inspiration of a moment and little of it has roots in the past. Not only has food preference changed but food itself comes in many new and different forms. (4.) One way to shorten meal preparation time is by using one of the commercial mixes or one of the homemade mixes for baked products. It has become important for the homemaker to serve attractive delicious baked products in the short amount of time offered during the day. A great deal of satisfaction can be derived from producing a festive cake and baking may become a creative hobby for many in the future.The objective of this research paper is to develop a homemade cake mix to be used in recipes for yellow butter cake and chocolate cake so that a standard product is obtained.The writer is busy attending college, teaching part tine and engaging in community and church activities as well as being a wife and the mother of five children. It is hoped that the cake mix developed will give quality baked products for the family in a short amount of time. The cake -mix is to be used to teach two daughters baking techniques. The cake mix will be useful if the writer decides to teach full time or work as a dietitian.Different homemade de master mixes and cake mixes are to be tried and then proportions of ingredients will be changed to obtain a good quality standard product. The cakes are to be ,judged against a score card by a panel of the faculty in the Home Economics Department at Ball State University.