Becoming a zookeeper in Japan as an American : the process of obtaining a job abroad

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Lange, Ericka
Islam, Kamal
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Thesis (B.?)
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As time passes, businesses, politics, and jobs increasingly incorporate individuals from foreign countries. Studying abroad or working in a foreign country has become quite common now, but the processes to do so have many requirements and procedures to complete. For example, if you wanted to obtain a zoology job in Japan, you would not only have to have typical work qualifications, but also additional documentations such as a visa, and would need to be mentally prepared for differences in the work environment or foreign lifestyle that could affect your success on the job. Therefore, I researched the qualifications and documentations needed to obtain a job at a zoo in Japan, as well as any related information that an individual seeking employment in Japan should know, like cultural, historical, or work differences compared to the United States. I focused on differences centered on a zoo or animal research workplace.