A description of women's basketball academic support programs at Mid-American Conference institutions

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Harrington, Jeffrey C.
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Thesis (M.A.)
School of Physical Education
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College student-athletes are young people in transition. Student-athletes live for the present. Their dual roles as students and entertainers complicate their experiences and often hurt their personal development. It has become clear that the need for quality academic support for student-athletes, specifically women's basketball players, is essential. Mid-American Conference (M.A.C.) member institutions provide women's basketball players with quality academic support. Each school provides various educational opportunities for its student-athletes, such as mandatory and professionally staffed study tables and tutors. Continuous upgrading, however, must occur for student-athletes to receive the type of academic support needed to be successful in the classroom.PURPOSE: To describe the academic support systems for Division I women's basketball players in the Mid-American Conference. The data elicited from this study will provide useful information to athletic academic support program administrators. A questionnaire was sent to the ten head women's basketball coaches in the M.A.C. The instrument was composed primarily of YES / NO choices describing what types of academic support their individual institution offers its women's basketball players. A cover letter that explained the purpose and benefits of the study accompanied the survey. Statistical analysis and computations were made in order to analyze the responses to the questions in the survey. Chi-square analysis was used to examine the data obtained in the study.