Framed : a new musical : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Fried, Adam S.
O'Hara, Michael M.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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When I began this process, I decided to write a new work that could break the pattern of musical theatre where many shows are driven by song and dance entertainment. Over the course of my education in musical theatre, I have found it difficult to find musicals that have substance to them; in both character and plot, many of the shows of this genre of performance are lacking, for lack of better word. FRAMED started out from an Art History Class I was lucky enough to take in London. I was inspired to see paintings in a different way, and realized how much I enjoyed this newfound personal perspective. I then thought about how I could contribute to my craft by making some of the best known masterpieces come to life with the voices of my perspective. I think we all have become a little used to appreciating art from the perspective of others; we are often told what to see when we look at new works. FRAMED is my attempt to change this pattern, and to instill a sense of personal perspective when you look at any work of art, whether it is paintings, sculptures, literature, film or theatre. What's far more interesting than what the artist intended is what you see, and many people forget that step. So, I invite you to see this workshop, and interpret as you will. Please note that we are very early in development, and this is solely intended to allow my writings to get heard, over a performance that is, for lack of better word, picture perfect.