Design metrics forensics : an analysis of the primitive metrics in the Zage design metrics

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Kwan, Pak Leung
Zage, Wayne M.
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Computer Science
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The Software Engineering Research Center (SERC) Design Metrics Research Team at Ball State University has developed a design metric D(G) of the form:D(G) = D~ + DiWhere De is the architectural design metric (external design metric) and D; is the detailed design metric (internal design metric).Questions to be investigated in this thesis are:Why can D, be an indicator of the potential error modules?Why can D; be an indicator of the potential error modules?Are there any significant factors that dominate the design metrics?In this thesis, the report of the STANFINS data is evaluated by using correlation analysis, regression analysis, and several other statistical techiques. The STANFINS study is chosen because it contains approximately 532 programs, 3,000 packages and 2,500,000 lines of Ada.The design metrics study was completed on 21 programs (approximately 24,000 lines of code) which were selected by CSC development teams. Error reports were also provided by CSC personnel.