I'm sorry I'm sad: and other platitudes I tell

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Whyte, Taylor
Neal, Ted
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Thesis (M.F.A.)
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Within i’m sorry i’m sad: and other platitudes i tell I have created an overarching installation based around functional ceramic forms and neon signage. Working directly with the clay at an extremely malleable state as soft slabs I create functional items with rainy atmospheric surfaces and voluminous clouds popping off the sides that I am able to respond to as I make. These surfaces hint to both a softness and a sadness. The pieces themselves all connect to a way to extend comfort to another or ourselves. The weather-based imagery of clouds, rain, lightening and rainbows supplies a baseline of understanding for the viewer, hinting to the childlike correlation of weather and emotions. The neon signage softly displays the platitudes I tell in my daily life about my own emotional state. The elements come together to create an immersive space which the viewer can gain some comfort within as they feel less isolated in their emotions. The goal of this project is to critique the social stigmas around emotions and create a space in which the viewer is either perceived or confronted by the idea of dealing with such emotions.