A Glass Menagerie : shopping center, Indianapolis, Indiana

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Lucas, Laura M.
Palmer, Alvin E., 1935-
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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This book reflects the experience and completion of thesis year in architecture at Ball State University. It is an attempt at documentation of thoughts and design process as much as the presentation of the final design solution. The author recognizes and the book emphasizes the changing with time of a design. It is organized to illustrate the sequence of decisions that create a design solution. The solution is the result of choices among alternatives, decisions that are based on a concept, a concept that is the special model of the criteria, criteria that is the synthesis of site constraints and ideas and priorities as programmed.The format of the book is to demonstrate the evolution from idea to concept to physical form, because the author believes the understanding of the process as crucial to understanding and appreciating the solution.