Christchurch, New Zealand : the tumultuous nature of land and sea

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Stachler, Jacob
Rosenblatt-Naderi, Jody
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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During September of 2010 and February of 2011, earthquakes shook Christchurch, New Zealand. Almost 8.000 homes along Christchurch's riverfront have been deemed uninhabitable due to the marred earth beneath them. Purchased by the state, these ruined houses are currently undergoing demolition, leaving large swaths of vacant land within the city's neighborhoods. This project addresses design methodologies in post-disaster contexts and riverfront developments in order to guide the reprogramming and design of these emptied sites.

This project begins with a foundational knowledge background on post-catastrophe management and design. From there, site specific research and analysis is applied to red-zoned areas of Christchurch's eastern suburbs. The analysis focuses on three main issues, program, circulation, and ecology. Concepts and case studies are derived from these issues, ultimately giving way to the master plan. Zooming in, the playground area of the site is designed in greater detail, showing how culture and ecology fit together at a human scale.