Construction of the health literacy intervention confidence inventory using the Delphi method

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Tobyas, Justin J.
Chang, Bo (Professor of Education)
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Thesis (D. Ed.)
Department of Educational Studies
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The majority of adults in the United States are unable to fully participate in health care decisions due to an inability to locate, understand, and effectively use credible information. Many have argued that health care providers are in an ideal position to leverage their expertise and the patient-provider relationship to assist individuals experiencing limited health literacy. However, these professionals do not necessarily have the training to effectively teach patients. The purpose of this study was to create a descriptive quantitative survey instrument to determine health care providers’ confidence using health literacy interventions with patients and whether they desire further training on these topics. The instrument could be used by health professions training programs, as well as those interested in continuing education for health care providers. The instrument was created based on current health literacy research and its contents were validated by a diverse group of health care providers using a modified three-round Delphi method. The questionnaire was then examined by a panel of experts in the fields of health literacy and evaluation for clarity and ease of use. Its reliability was then established during a pilot study conducted with 30 health care providers serving as participants. The results of the study indicated that the newly created Health Literacy Intervention Confidence Inventory had good to excellent reliability. Its high reliability, coupled with its validation by a Delphi panel representing multiple health care fields, will allow educators and others interested in continuing education to use it with confidence.