A study of the influences of the Ball State journalism workshops on students selecting Ball State University

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Dickey, Joan Louise
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Thesis (M.A.)
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Entering its sixth year of significant contribution to scholastic journalism, the Ball State summer journalism workshop for junior high and high school students has acquired national recognition for its efforts and accomplishments.However, the effectiveness of the workshop's influences, if any, needs to be considered in relation to workshop students selecting Ball State for continuing their education. Negative workshop influences, as well as positive ones, may alter a high school student's opinion about the Muncie campus, associating regulations and curriculum for the workshop with University regulations and college curriculum established by Ball State.In its growing stages, the workshop has changed directorsand curriculum coordinators three times. With each change, the administrators strived for workshop improvement to benefit the students, not the sponsoring University.Now that John M. Butler is serving his fourth year as workshop director and the summer programs have completed five years of academic service to high school journalists, a study on the workshop influences can be undertaken.The purpose of "A Study of the Influences of the Ball State Journalism Workshop on Students Selecting Ball State University" is to establish the influences of Ball State's summer publications workshops on the students who return to this University to continue their education.To date, no graduate studies have been done along these lines of workshop influence and the main question this study will be asking is "why workshop students selected Ball State University?"With this purpose in mind, the writer spoke with students who attended the workshop, having them answer questions as to why they selected Ball State University, in order to devise a reliable and usable study for the benefit of workshop and University administrators.This study is the result of information gained from examining student answers, related literature of other summer workshops and information supplied by Ball State University.