Whiskey in the jar : traditional Irish pub music : an honors thesis [(HONRS 499)]

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Russeau-Pletcher, Ashlee
Suppe, Frederick C., 1947-
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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The expression "Give me the usual," is an expression that gets used often in Ireland. Customers are beyond regulars in Irish pubs. They are practically fixtures of the bar. Yet, the Irish pub is not just a place to get a pint with friends. The Irish pub is a place to have deep conversations, write a novel, and learn history. The pub is the most important social place in Irish culture outside of the home."The best pub is the one where the best musicians are. . .it can be any pub in town." The folk tradition that has arisen from pub culture involves another integral part of Irish culture: Irish traditional music. The modern incarnation of Irish traditional music is said to have arisen in the pub atmosphere. The most successful Irish traditional bands were formed during "pub sessions," and include Planxty, De Dannaan, The Fureys, and Clannad. Today these pub sessions are sought after by tourists and native Irish people alike. Many Irish pubs now sport signs in windows saying "Live traditional music." However, popular bands continue to be born from the pub sessions, including the Merry Ploughboys, and pubs do better business from these sessions. Therefore, Irish music fuels the success of the pubs and the pubs fuel the success of the Irish musicians.