2016-2017 End of Academic Year Report - July 2017

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Ellery, Jane
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Knowledge Group Report
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As the Community Wellbeing Knowledge Group completes its fourth year, the vision of community-campus partnerships to enhance Community Wellbeing continues to serve as the driving force. During the first year (2013-2014) we convened both internal and external partners (February 2014), coordinated working sessions for the inaugural Primacy of Place Conference (September 2013), developed a database of resources, and started our TED Coffee Chat weekly networking/learning series (October 2013). During our second year, we again coordinated a wellness-related session at the Primacy of Place Conference (October 2014) and facilitated multiple internal and external partner conversations. Our third year found us shifting from a state-wide focus to begin concentrating on East-Central Indiana. This change led to the emergence of a new Faculty Learning Community on Community Engagement on campus and brought new local partners into a December (2015) convening. This report summarizes events from year four (2016-2017) and highlights plans for year five (2017-2018).