Green space from dead space : redevelopment of downtown Muncie through strategic green space

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Burg, Joel G.
Cairns, Malcolm D.
Motloch, John L.
Marlow, Christopher M.
Yigit-Turan, Burcu
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Thesis (B.L.A.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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This project examines the creation of successful urban green space. More specifically, the main focus of this project is the investigation of how the installation of an urban park system that includes land use dedicated to urban agriculture, in partnership with mixed-use infill development can stimulate the economy and improve quality of life within a small town urban context. By redeveloping vacant or under utilized land into urban parks and mixed-use development, this project means to create the opportunity for pedestrian movement and occupation of space in a way that is currently impossible. The specific application of this investigation is the redevelopment of vacant lots and oversized or under-utilized parking lots in downtown Muncie. These spaces will be redesigned into a series of green spaces and pedestrian shopping corridors to provide users of downtown with a means for pedestrian transportation, a place to gather, and in general, an added reason to populate downtown. This will increase activity downtown, raise property values, and attract new business to new development and existing commercial space, all of which will contribute to the overall goal of stimulating the economy and creating a marketable face for the new downtown Muncie.