The Attica comprehensive plan : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Beaubien, Brad M.
Segedy, James A.
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Thesis (B.U.P.D.)
Honors College
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This Comprehensive Plan is designed to provide the City of Attica, Indiana with a policy framework for development in the community of just over 3,000 residents. A previous community charrette workshop conducted by Ball State's Community Based Projects program provided substantial community input, ideas and concerns, while a background statistical profile revealed underlying trends. These concerns and trends were translated into a series seven "campaigns" and 27 goals with a main purpose of protecting and enhancing Attica's history and heritage, as well as preserving and revitalizing its Downtown. The plan is supplemented with a section offering more detailed explanations of certain aspects of the plan, as well as with a section on design guidelines for new development and renovation in the Downtown area. The plan document is extensively supplemented with maps, charts, and graphics to further explain the goals and objectives contained within.