The flora and plant communities of Botany Glen

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Stonehouse, Amanda L.
Badger, Kemuel S.
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Thesis (M.S.)
Department of Biology
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Botany Glen, The James S. Wilson Memorial Sanctuary, is an 18 hectare (45 acre) forested tract located in Grant County, Indiana, adjacent to the Mississinewa River. Botany Glen is an important natural area in east central Indiana due to its relatively small size and high diversity.The flora documents 331 species and varieties of vascular plants representing 241 genera and 90 families; 158 species are recorded for the first time in Grant County. Of the 331 species listed, 67 (or 20%) are exotic. Most of these exotics have failed to penetrate the interior of the forest.Permanent monitoring plots were established in dry upland forest, floodplain forest and secondary successional forest. Data were collected from overstory, understory and herbaceous plant layers in these plots. Analysis of these data and information from the floristic inventory were utilized to describe the structure and composition of three primary plant communities. Baseline data and procedures were established for future study of this property.