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Howk, Patrick L.
Beane, Andy
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Thesis (M.F.A.)
School of Art
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This creative project was the creation of a short animated film. Using computer animation I was able to use the screen as a window into my own imagination while showing the audience a visual representation. “Goldfisk” is a story about a young boy who, through the use of his imagination, deals with the loss of his best friend. The medium of 3D computer animation was chosen because it allows me to create a vast and open world. In addition it allows me to collaborate with other artists on a level that is normally unattainable with other types of animation. This work is the culmination of years spent studying the animation of great animators that came before me. I also found inspiration from storytellers of many other mediums including literature and film-making. The end result is a film that was as much of a learning experience as it was an expressive act. The knowledge gained through making this film is practical knowledge about animation and film-making that I will be able to use for future endeavors.