A clinic handbook for clients and their families : an honors creative project (HONRS 499)

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Habich, Molly A.
Hinkley, Ingrid D.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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The following handbook is the culmination of a semester-long creative project designed to benefit clients of the Ball State Speech and Hearing Clinic in Muncie, Indiana. Thehandbook is divided into several sections, each discussing various aspects of the boththerapy services and the clinic itself that are specific to the needs of the clients and their families, rather than the student clinicians. Before the completion of this project, no such handbook was in existence for the clinic; most information was given orally or condensed into a welcome letter sent out to clients who were already enrolled in therapy. Now, there will be two bound copies on hand at the clinic for currently enrolled clients and also for those awaiting enrollment to look through when they visit the clinic. In addition to the creation of the handbook, the initial welcome letter has been revised to include more information regarding scheduling and fees. Both the handbook and welcome letter are prefaced by an author's statement describing background information about the clinic, the process of creating the handbook, and how it will benefit the clinic.