Interactive multimedia : a community participation tool

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Mayes, Joseph E.
Blalock, Joseph C.
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Thesis (B.L.A.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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This project focused on developing an interactive multimedia tool for a design process involving community members. Through the course of this project, participants had the opportunity to interact with the inventory, analysis, programming, conceptual, and the final design within a web site. This interactive multimedia format provided a non-confrontation forum for the community members to learn about the design process and voice their opinions anonymously.The ability to use movies, still images, models, text, digital walk-throughs, motion graphics, and interactivity within design communication increased the awareness of good design, design process, and the importance of site responsive design. The use of interactive multimedia also provided new techniques of communicating complicated design issues and concepts that was more successful then traditional means of design communication.Community participation was vital throughout this project. Community members gave their opinions on what they wanted the space to become and then help guide the design process by giving feedback on design concepts developed from their input. The final design is a show case of the input of many Ball State University community member's desires, dreams, and concerns.