Looking, speaking, and behaving professionally in the real world and online

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Dowden, Cherelle M.
Kitchens, Fred L.
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Thesis (B.?.)
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Professionalism does not just cover behavior or dress. Professionals need to be aware of changes in fashions, social situations, communications, and social networking. Men have been taught professionalism for centuries in business. Since women have not been in the professional workforce to the extent that men have, they may not know what they should wear, or how to behave. This guide outlines professional dress, dinners, communication, and social network etiquette to teach or reteach both men and women what is expected of them in a professional environment. It serves as a fundamental understanding and much more can be said about each of these topics. Professionalism and etiquette may vary from industry to industry and company to company. This guide provides a basic, yet detailed, professional code of conduct.