The Roman Catholic philosophical and theological understanding of marriage and celibacy : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Mazanowski, Zygmunt J.
Barker, George E.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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The premise of this reflection flows from the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. The Catholic Church's tradition has held for 2000 years that both the vocation to life-long marriage and the vocation to life-long celibacy are good in themselves. They also are both wonderful ways to live out one's life in response to an invitation from God.Married love and celibate love have distinct focuses. In my first reflection on "The Foundation of Life-Long Marital Love," I use John Paul II's first book, Love and Responsibility, and its analysis of the metaphysical, psychological, and ethical nature of love within a marriage relationship. The second reflection is on "The Foundation of Life-Long Celibate Love." This reflection explores the history of celibacy, and the fundamental biblical call to celibacy "for the Kingdom" and "for the Lord."The second half of this reflection looks at the lives of 12 people. Six of these people have felt and responded to the call to be married, and six of these people have felt and responded to the call to live single for God for life. Their stories areautobiographical in nature, and they give a glimpse of the personal nature of their individual calls to the married or celibate vocation.