An analysis of actuarial science in literature

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Clark, Emily
Blackwell, Brent M.
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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Actuarial Science is a growing field in the larger world of mathematics, insurance, and risk management. However, despite this growth, compared to other similar fields it is not as well known nor is it a well featured profession in the world of novels and literature. As an aspiring writer and future actuary, I seek to someday write engaging stories centered around the profession of an actuary to bring more awareness and interest to the profession. I have selected and analyzed five published novels featuring characters with the profession of actuary. For my thesis I have analyzed these novels, exploring the differences between the stories written by authors with an actuarial background compared to those without, looked at common tropes and elements shared by the texts such as genre and style, explored how the demographics of the novels compare with those of the industry, and how the overall portrayal of actuarial science and insurance in the novels paints the image of the field as a whole.