Madame Sylvia and the bird : a step into 3D animation

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Bazard, Audrey-Anne
Williams, Peter J.
Issue Date
Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Telecommunications
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This creative project is a 3D animated short created in Softimage XSI. It tells the humoristic story of an old lady, Madame Sylvia, and a bird, who are trying to find their place in society and do not succeed. Madame Sylvia is an old surly woman who tries to be like the stereotyped image of the nice old lady feeding birds in a park. The bird on the contrary tries to differentiate himself from his fellow sparrows by acting differently. The humoristic denouement of the story shows that pretending to be someone else might not be the solution to fit into society. The piece lasts two and a half minutes. It has been put together in Encore on a DVD that presents special features including a gallery of illustrations and the storyboard drawn by the writer.