Museum of (my) ephemeral mind

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Zimmerman, Callie
Russell, Jacinda
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Thesis (B.?)
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I have battled memory loss since I was a child; details of my life shift and slide into oblivion. My creative project explores this issue in depth. After extensive research, I modelled my project after our current understanding of memory processing. Museums function much like the brain’s system of encoding, storage, and retrieval, so I used the term as a metaphor. The installation consists of multiple ways of viewing the same material, because repetition aids the formation of new neural pathways in the brain. The goal of this project was to preserve memories as I made them, to help contextualize my identity. However, I found it equally important to acknowledge mistakes and failures along the way. Thinking about the concept of inaccessible information, I drew comparisons between the malfunctioning of a camera and the human brain.