Understanding the craft involved in writing the short story on the theme--submission/revolt

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Lynch, Cynthia R.
Renner, Dick A.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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This creative project has served to aid the writer in understanding the craft of the short story through the writing of six original short stories based on the theme of submission/revolt. The stories deal with various stages in the theme from the repression of the emergency room clerk in "Annie" to the suppression and drastic revolt of the grandaughter Becky in "A Different Night."This study deals predominantly with the question "What is the Short Story?" and analyzes the craft in terms of four major devices: time, place, people, and purpose. Each of these unities is discussed in terms of its relation to the story. Although the writer has made every effort to craft her writings into successful stories, not every attempt has been successful. Specific works have been included for evaluation to demonstrate the writer's discovery of what the short story is and what it is not which was gained through experiment with the craft.