12-week, pre-season training portfolio for high school basketball point guards

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Burger, Jessica
Skalon, Tonya R.
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High school basketball coaches are often times a teacher at that same school. While there are many benefits to having a coach being employed as a school staff member, many times these teachers do not have the proper education to train their athletes at a high caliber level of performance. The coaches may not understand either the physiological demands of a certain position on the court or the training needed for specific physiologic adaptations in the athlete. Seeing as many high school athletes are depending on a collegiate athletic scholarship in order to get the higher education they need to be successful in their professional careers, basketball coaches must acquire appropriate knowledge to train each player according to the needs demanded by the position that athlete plays. A pre-season training program for basketball point guards will equip coaches with a tool needed to jump-start their guards and increase the minds and bodies of their players to not only orchestrate achievement in competition but also to encourage success in life as well. Therefore, the following portfolio will outline a twelve-week, pre-season training portfolio for high school basketball point guards.