An examination of how Indiana CEO's evaluate voice mail

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Sease, David G.
Sharpe, Melvin L.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of Journalism
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Voice mail has become a major communications tool. This study examined the opinions of 357 Indiana chief executive officers regarding voice mail systems--based on a random sample of the 4,697 members of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce as of November 18, 1992. A 100 percent response rate was achieved. The CEOs generally did not like calling into systems. The study concluded that 20 percent of Indiana businesses have voice mail. The major advantage--as cited by CEOs--to calling into systems was that they can leave detailed messages at anytime. The major disadvantage was that voice mail is cold and impersonal--CEOs want to speak to a real person. The CEOs who have voice mail gave major advantages and disadvantages of their internal systems as well as a rating. Oanparisons were made between various findings including how not having voice mail affects the rating of calling into other systems.