Reflections : multiples, and sibling relationships in literature

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Vollmer, Hannah
Day, Cathy
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Thesis (B.?)
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Sibling relationships are a unique aspect of family dynamics. Siblings are the earliest influence in a child's life and often affect them even into adulthood. While each relationship varies, the portrayal of sibling relationships, especially multiples, in literature is hardly ever contrary from one story to the next. The themes of similarity between twins is something that has been occurring for centuries, starting with Shakespeare and continuing to film, such as in The Parent Trap. As a multiple myself, I was curious to study how my relationship with my siblings growing up differs from those of others and the time periods they grew up in. The research I completed in my English Capstone class about Middletown has created the following story: Headlights. June Schaefer is on the cusp of adulthood; but how does that change when her twin brother is found murdered? This story is about the struggles of being a multiple, being a sibling, and entering into adulthood and the opportunities and constraints that hold us back.