Integrating sustainable rainwater management : an artful rainwater design approach to zoo design

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Huggler, Laura K.
Marlow, Christopher M.
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Thesis (M.L.A.)
Department of Landscape Architecture
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The purpose of this creative project was to apply the Artful Rainwater Design approach to integrate sustainable rainwater management with zoo habitat design. The goal was to capture, clean, and reuse rainwater on-site (providing utility) in a noticeable, artful, and educational manner (providing amenity) in the Plains area of the Indianapolis Zoo. This conceptual redesign demonstrates how the landscape architectural design process can be utilized to help protect the future of zoos by helping them embrace the universal message of the importance of resource conservation. A qualitative research method, specifically a literature review, was used to complete research about the history of zoos, zoo design methods (including flex-model, immersive, and animal-as-client), rainwater management in zoos, zoo safety, and the Indianapolis Zoo. Case studies of sustainable practices at Cincinnati Zoo, Woodland Park Zoo, Detroit Zoo, Melbourne Zoo, and Jacksonville Zoo were completed, as were case studies of select Artful Rainwater Design projects including Historic Fourth Ward Park, The Outwash Basin - Stata Center at MIT, and Queens Botanical Garden.