An investigation of the occupational aspirations held by slow learning children

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Turner, Harry L., 1947-
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Thesis (M.A.)
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There have been numerous studies conducted to determine the occupational aspirations of normal children and it is generally understood and agreed that normal children develop vocational maturity according to their enviromental experiences. Vocational maturity seems to be fairly well developed by the time a child reaches his fourteenth birthday.The educational placement and vocational preparation of large numbers of handicapped children is carried out in much the same way as that of the so-called "normal" child. As one can readily see, there is a great need for continued investigation of the appropriatness of placement of handicapped children as it is now being carried out.The many varieties of behaviors and disabilities which is so characteristic of show learning children requires that effective educational programs have available a wide range of skills and techniques for measuring, evaluating, and planning: for the needs of these students. The level of placement, material selection, teaching methods, and academic and vocational preparation are some of the important concerns of the school which require predictions of the student's present and future vocational aspirations.