Six case studies : a comparative and contextual study of student writers and a writing program

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Darling, Susan L.
Hanson, Linda K.
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Thesis (M.A.)
Department of English
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This study examines the writing progress of six students over a period of five years and the effectiveness of the writing program each student experienced. Writing samples, standardized test scores, writing prompts, student surveys, and interviews with students and teachers combine to illuminate the strengths and weaknesses in the writing program.Quantitative data is derived from student surveys which illuminate the frequency student instruction in the best practices in writing instruction, in addition to the data collected from student standardized test scores. Qualitative data is disaggregated from student writing samples, writing prompts, and interviews, which demonstrate student knowledge of writing processes, and clarifies student experiences in writing instruction.The combination and examination of this data provides a clear picture of the students' five-year writing programs. In depth analysis this data illuminate strengths and weaknesses in the writing program experienced by the students. This paper also provides suggestions for improving writing instruction utilizing the best practices in writing instruction.