An assessment of human resource professionals' world view thinking and perceived personal wellness as an indicator of professional support for wellness programs in the work place

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Hall, Bruce A.
Gobble, David C.
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Thesis (M.S.)
Fisher Institute for Wellness
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The primary purpose of this study was to design an instrument, the Professional Support Survey (PSS), to assess one's extent of world view thinking relating to wellness programming. The secondary purpose was to use the Perceived Wellness Survey (PWS) and the PSS to determine if a relationship exists between HR professionals' personal wellness and their support for wellness programs in the work place. Face and content validity was established for the PSS, test-retest analysis confirmed significant reliability («T, = 0.9239 and «T2 = 0.9464), and a significance test found - = 0.846 and adjusted - = 0.8662. The study found that HR professionals' levels of personal wellness are reflected in their decisions to support wellness programs. Further, the more exposure HR professionals have to wellness management issues (i.e., the company having a formal program, the number of activities, and budget allocations for programming), the more likely they are to support wellness programs from a programmatic standpoint.