A curriculum guide to Indonesia supported by the world wide web : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Wirick, Mandy L.
Hall, Kenneth R.
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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The purpose of this project is to provide background information on Indonesia for educators and to serve as a pilot project for using instructional materials presented on the World Wide Web.This Honors 499 project initially began as a curriculum packet for the secondary education level on Southeast Asia, and immediately I discovered that information on this region of the world is limited. References in textbooks at the secondary level did not give much detail beyond a one or two line mention in relation to European colonialism. As something of a last resort, I began "surfing the net" and discovered a wealth of materials that could be incorporated into the curriculum.The internet is a flexible and easy-to-use medium. Although graphical browsers add visual and sometimes audio stimulus to instruction, classrooms with text-only browsers can benefit from the information as well. The knowledge needed to begin one's own project on the Web is minimal, and the creation process becomes addictive with each new technique learned. I have begun to learn the invaluable skill of HTML (HyperText Mark-up Language) during this project. This computer language is easy to learn and would provide and invaluable way for teachers to establish directed access to the internet for their classroom lessons.With such an abundance of information a mouse-click away, I chose to highlight one country from Southeast Asia: Indonesia. What I found so appealing about Indonesia was the diversity of this island-group nation, a fact embodied in the Indonesian national motto: Unity through diversity.The information contained within this packet represents the information I compiled to use in instruction. The first section contains printed records that can be accessed from the homepage I created and established on the World Wide Web. The second part of the packet contains photocopies of materials suitable for supplemental reading. Many of the links on my Educational Links to Indonesia Homepage, located at the address: http://bsuvc.bsu.eduh00mlwirick/, are links to pages created and established by others. Some of the links are items that I input or adapted from paper resources. I categorized the information by subject: Culture, history, environment, news and activism, food, and resources and classroom activities.By no means is this guide a complete listing of the items available on the internet; the information available on Web continues to grow each day. In respect to this continued growth the materials in this project can and should be revised and expanded continually.