Conversion of an abandoned offshore oil drilling rig platform into a yacht club/conference facility

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La Mar, Christopher W.
Wyman, John E.
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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The author of this document has chosen to explore the architectural area of adaptive reuse by converting an abandoned offshore oil drilling rig platform into a yacht club / conference facility. This document gives a general description of the facility's design precedents and major issues which were focused upon for this study, as well as a decsription of the final design for such facility. The location of the exisitng oil drilling rig is described in terms of location and numerous site conditions which effect the structure's design. This documen provides a basic description of how services and utilities are currently delivered to the remote site and ideas for delivering to the new facility. Designing a structure in the middle of the ocean requires a very different approach than most architects are accustomed to. This thesis book describes how the author educated himself to better understand the oceanic environment where offshore oil rigs are located. In turn, used this information to design a sustainable facility for the hostile environment. Overall spatial relationships and approximate square footages are provided as are a summary of the spaces which is comprised of a listing of spaces and their square footages. Axonomtric view of the actual offshore oil drilling rig platform which the author chose to adaptively use (picture taken while rig was in full operation.)