Putnam County Hospital, Greencastle, Indiana

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Vance, Gary L.
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Thesis (B. Arch.)
College of Architecture and Planning
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The practice of architecture and all- interrelated professional- disciplines is becoming more and more diversified with each passing day. To meet this demand, designers must become-more sensitive to our interior and exterior environment, must respond better to user needs, and must more realistically take into account the buildability of projects.In my personal experience of design I have responded to the previously mentioned factors in a well planned and closely regulated architectural curriculum for four years. However, the fifth year thesis project is mine to manipulate with respect to my strengths, weaknesses, philosophies, and professional directives.I am designing a full service medical facility for Greencastle, Indiana, a city of 15,000 people. These are my clients, they are in need of this facility.Few buildings compare to a hospital 's complexity of synthesizing multiple subsystems, both natural and man-made. It is a project that must be designed exactly for the patients or else it is a failure. It is an environment where people are born, live, work, visit, and die. It is a self-contained unit. Despite stringent control of space with respect to codes, governmental funding, and the like, I feel I can express my individuality as a designer. This is vital in that my intent is to comprehensively design this hospital from programming, to schematic design, to design development, and to detail refinement.The site is a 15 acre sloping wooded meadow 1 mile southwest of Greencastle, Indiana. The certificate of bed need calls for an 85 bed facility including medical surgical beds, intensive care beds, and nursery beds.