An analysis of Quintet for wind instruments

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Stepleton, James I., 1941-
Scott, Cleve L.
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Thesis (M.M.)
School of Music
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This creative project is a composition in three movements for woodwind quintet (piccolo replacing flute in the second movement). The work is a serial composition based on the following all-combinatorial row: C, E, E-flat, D-flat, F, D, F-sharp, G, B-flat, A, B, 4-sharp. The first movement is in ternary form, its B section is a palindrome consisting of new versions of the material occurring in the first A section. The second A section is a varied, rather than exact, estatement of the first part. The second movement is a five part canon with each instrument being assigned its own octave. The third movement is a rondeau. The shape and length of its parts was determined by a systematic application of the F1 bonacci series to every formal element. The duration of the Quintet is approximately 20 minutes.