Factors Indiana high school athletic directors consider when hiring a boy's varsity basketball coach

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Mehaffey, Chip A.
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An Indiana high school boy's varsity basketball coaching position is a highly sought after job that requires much of the coach. The coach must be a role model, teacher, father figure, and an ambassador for the school in the community. Winning games is also an important component of the position.The steps to becoming a head boy's basketball coach at an Indiana high school can be difficult to gauge. While having well placed connections cannot hurt a potential candidate, there must certainly be some uniform qualities that high school athletic directors look for when hiring a basketball coach. A study that will help determine these key factors can be of much significance to both potential employers and employees.The purpose of this study is:to determine the factors Indiana high school athletic directors feel most important when hiring a head boy's basketball coach.to provide assistance to those persons seeking a head boy's basketball coaching position in the state of Indiana by showing what high school athletic directors generally deem are the most important qualities that they look for when hiring a head boy's basketball coach. to aid high school athletic directors by providing information to them as to what their peers feel are the most important qualities to look for from a list of candidates.The results of this study will provide useful information to prospective head boy's basketball coaches at the high school level. The prospective coach will be more knowledgeable of the evaluation process used by athletic directors when hiring a basketball coach. Athletic directors will also benefit as this study will provide them with factors that their peers around the state of Indiana deem the most important to consider before hiring a head coach.The Indiana High School Athletic Association has divided up the high schools in the state into four different classes based on enrollment. Each class contains approximately 96 schools. Thirty schools from each class will be randomly selected.The instrument will be a rank order questionnaire that is designed to determine the factors high school athletic directors find most important when hiring a head boy's basketball coach in the state of Indiana. Listed factors will be rated on a scale from one to twelve with one being the most important factor considered. Additional comments will be encouraged.A cover letter explaining the purpose and benefits of the study will accompany the survey.All data will be evaluated by adding the numbers that are given to each factor and dividing by the number of returned surveys. The lowest number, on average, will determine the most important factors. Any consistently recurring comments will also be considered for evaluation.