Neuropsychological and personality features of learning disabled and emotionally handicapped children

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Grewe, Scott David
Fischer, Wyman E.
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Thesis (Ph. D.)
Department of Educational Psychology
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The present study was an attempt to differentiate between emotionally handicapped, learning disabled, and regular education children based on their responses to the Neuropsychological Symptom Inventory-Child Version, the Personality Inventory for Youths, and their parents' responses to the Personality Inventory for Children.Factor analysis of the NSI-Child Version revealed four unique factors, of which two were able to differentiate the regular and special education groups. No observable differences were noted between the two special education groups on the basis of their raw factor scores. Similarly, no differences were observed between the two special education groups on the basis of their responses to the PIY. Salient differences were observed on the PIC with the emotionally handicapped children reported to have pervasive emotional and behavioral problems in comparison to the mild cognitive/academic and behavioral difficulties of the learning disabled children.Results are discussed as they relate to previous research and future directions for study.