Paintings and three dimensional works : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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Kling, Emily S.
Marshall, Nina B.
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Thesis (B.F.A.)
Honors College
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The images I create are based on questions I ask myself while searching for inner strength. Who am I? Where have I been led by my feelings and experiences? What sort of heritage do I possess?I am intrigues with other cultures that have visual languages representing important aspects of life. Ideas about family, inner strength and entities of spiritual power are passed visually from generation to generation. I view this as a transference of wisdom and identity.Through my work I am forming a language to symbolize my heritage. This search involves the use of skills I learned as a child. I the same memory of my grandmother teaching me to crochet is the love and patience I received from her. Creating symbols for the strength my family has given me is a starting point in visually portraying my heritage.Self-portraits are my way to recognize and validate feelings I experience at various points in my life. I use my emotions as tools with which to point. Images of people in my life are also an important part of my work. These people give strength and support to my inner being.My painting is usually spontaneous and experimental. Working instinctively stirs up feelings inside that need to be released. When immersed in painting my senses shut out surroundings and tune into the place of answers. These answers not only guide the imagery in my work but also help identify the needs of my inner self.