Comparison of the effects of all-purpose and instantized flour on a plain cake

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Wittig, C. Jean.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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The problem was to determine the effects of using all-purpose and instantized flour in a plain cake, rising the two-stage quick method of preparation.Less than two years ago the first instantized flour was introduced to the consumer market by General Mills, Inc. Their Gold Medal Wondra Instantized Flour is granular in texture, but still retains the basic structure of regular flour. Since the summer of 1963, instantized flour has also been introduced by Pillsbury and Robin Hood.The present research was undertaken to determine if the new flour can be used in place of all-purpose flour in plain cake recipes. The results should be beneficial to homemakers rising the new type of flour. If there is a significant difference between the quality of the cakes made with instantized and all-purpose flour, the consumer should be made aware that recipes need changing.The manufacturers should also be made aware of any significant differences, since they indicate that instantized flour can be substituted for all-purpose flour in any recipe calling for all-purpose flour. If there is no significant difference between the cakes, the consumer can feel confident in substituting instantized flour for all-purpose flour. The hypothesis of this study was that there would be no significant differences between cakes made with the two types of flours,There is a great need for research on the instantized flours, using cakes, pies, and all other products often prepared with all-purpose flour. Only two significant research articles have been published, The review of literature that follows indicates the limitations in knowledge about the instantized flour.The present problem was delimited by using only one brand of instantized flour, General Mills', Inc. Gold Medal Wondra Instantized Flour. Only plain cakes were made and only one method of preparation was used. Therefore, the results should be applied with care.