Project Winter Baskets : a project that combats the effects of education on low-income communities

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Kramer-Stephens, Kaileigh
Shull, Elaine
Stewart, Dorshele
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Thesis (B.?)
Honors College
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Delaware County currently has the highest percentage of children living in poverty. We researched and found an abundance of information on low-SES (socioeconomic status) schools and communities, and we have discovered some of the biggest needs in these schools are food, school supplies, warm clothes (gloves, hats, etc.), and books. Throughout our four years at Ball State, we have been immersed in schools and after school programs in and around Muncie, and we have seen first-hand these needs. Some students solely rely on school meals and books at school. During school breaks, a big concern among both teachers and ourselves is how students will eat, continue to read and learn, and even play outside in appropriate attire. Come time to write our honors thesis, we knew we wanted to give back to the community we had become a part of. We knew the basic facts, but we wanted to back ourselves with the research to truly make an impact. Therefore, we teamed up to research more about the effects of education on low-income communities. We put our research and creative to use and created Project Winter Baskets. We raised money to create roughly thirty baskets for students. These baskets included canned food, water, books, gloves, hats, school supplies, books, and anything else we can found to help these students during their time away from school.