A compositional narrative for the musical work entitled The lantern of Diogenes

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Smith, D. Jason (David Jason)
Scott, Cleve L.
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Thesis (M.M.)
School of Music
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This composition is arranged for string ensemble (first and second violin, viola and cello), flute, oboe, piano, electric guitar, electric bass guitar, drum set and auxiliary percussion. Overall, the work follows a standard four-section format in a fast-slow-fastfast order. However, the individual sections experiment with the nested repeats form and with bifurcation of the Fibonacci Sequence to determine the length of the cells which make up the form. The individual sections display various styles including a Webern-like pointillism and Latin rhythms. The concept of non-narrative performance instructions is also experimented with in the work. Throughout the piece, projected (or otherwise displayed) words are to shown to the audience. These words along with the music are intended to comment upon the nature of the search for knowledge. The accompanying narrative details each of the four sections in regards to form, instrumentation, harmonic material and melodic content. The discussion at the end of the narrative covers the composer's impressions about the success of this musical experiment.