If I sing : a musical theatre recital : an honors thesis (HONRS 499)

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McDaniel, Kevin M.
Kocoshis, Alexandra
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Thesis (B.?.)
Honors College
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A musical theatre recital is an unusual and creative project to undertake. While the majority of recitals are composed of classical works, a theatrical recital includes songs from the realm of musical theatre, and must include acting as well as the songs. It therefore develops a singer's vocal and physical performance."If I Sing, " A Musical Theatre Recital was developed to expand and showcase my talents as a musical theatre major and performer. I chose songs that represented a variety of shows from the history of musical theatre, ranging from 1937 to the present. My goal was to educate those people who were not familiar with many musicals by helping them expand their knowledge of musicals. I did this by giving the audience members a tour of musical theatre history through the songs. Personally, my songs were choices that helped me expand my repertoire. While a few songs were ones that I have become accustomed to performing for years, most were songs that I have wanted to perform for a long while, but have never had the opportunity or reason. All the songs were personal favorites of mine, but were also songs that stretched me to my vocal limits. Several songs challenged me vocally, while others challenged my acting ability. Also, the recital was a challenge to sing. It consisted of seventeen songs, which is a stretch for any vocalist. It was difficult to support vocally for that long of a period, and a challenge to remember words and rhythms. Overall, my recital helped me to add songs to my repertoire, which will be extremely important when I begin auditioning for professional shows as a musical theatre performer.Also included is a CD of my performance. CDs are a valuable element to anyone who is interested in my recital or the musical theatre field. The recital was recorded live, but the technicians arrived late, and missed the first few songs. Therefore, these songs were recorded at a later time and added to the CD. The CD is important because it is the permanent record of a live performance.