NCTM Conference Experience

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Augustyn, Mark
Dobson, Lisa
Hosking, Michael
Keenan, Nicole
Van Duzer, Zachary
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What does it mean to be a professional in your chosen field? Professionals continually seek out knowledge and experiences with the goal of improving what they do and how they do it. Professionalism can take on many forms including participation in local and national professional organizations. Since 1992, undergraduate mathematics education majors in the Department of Mathematical Sciences of Ball State University have chosen to engage in professional activity by forming and maintaining membership in the department’s Ball State Council of Teachers of Mathematics (BSCTM). In November of 2009, faculty member Kathryn Shafer and seven members of the Ball State Council of Teachers of Mathematics (BSCTM) attended the annual National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. Shafer and three BSCTM members attended the regional NCTM conference in Cleveland, Ohio, in October of 2008. Dr. Shafer facilitated the collection of the following written reflections on the 2009 conference experience. BSCTM is a student affiliate of the NCTM