Dynamics of community health in dentistry

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Kingori, Maurine Muthoni
Chatot, Clare L.
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Thesis (B.?)
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Dentistry is a changing field that is adapting to better serve more and more people. From cosmetic needs to resolutions in tooth decay, dentistry has significantly changed in the past few decades. This has created different methods for patients to receive their care. These methods include commercial practices, private practices, and community health facilities. In this paper I choose to focus more specifically on community health centers and private practices. Private practice is the preferred method for most patients, but with the increase of community health centers some patients have a stigma towards the care that they will receive from these dental clinics (Jones et al. 2013).

Community health centers allow patients that have financial burdens the ability to receive adequate care (Lamster et al. 2011). The significance of household income is very important when dealing with dental care, which is why community health centers are so critical to our communities and those that cannot afford private practice. This paper hopes to educate patients of their options, so that the "Health Center Stigma" is removed. Private practice and community health centers are all striving to provide the best care, and no matter where a patient chooses to receive their care they should be confident that they are receiving it by trained dental professionals no matter where they choose to go (Lamster et al. 2011).